Single helmet safety lock

Single helmet safety lock
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While we can anticipate and respond to winter weather as conditions arise, we want our riders to be safe and prepared for all of the different winter scenarios.Visit our Winter Weather Advisory page for details. If weather conditions threaten the safety of our riders, we will temporarily suspend service for all customers.

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Your PIN number is a 6-digit number that was emailed, or sent using a text, when you registered. If you use the bicycle keypad, you will use your PIN every time you rent a bike.

The 4-digit unlock code is only used in conjunction with the bike-mounted cable lock.

Bike-sharing is meant for quick trips around the city of Pittsburgh. You will be charged $1 to activate your payment method. You must enter in a method of payment to rent a bike.

Customers can pick up a bicycle at one of the 50 stations throughout the city, return the bike at one of the other stations, and move about their day. You must be registered before you can rent a bicycle. While Healthy Ride does not offer helmets, all riders are STRONGLY encouraged to wear their own helmets.

You will still be on your time while the bicycle is temporarily locked.