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If your spouse has not owned a main home in the last three years, then you may claim the credit. I am separated from my spouse and considered unmarried, and qualify for the unmarried head of household filing status. Taxpayer A’s half of the remaining credit is forgiven, and Taxpayer B now is responsible for only her half of the remaining credit, or ,000. If the home was purchased in 2008, Taxpayer A is no longer required to repay any remaining amount of the credit.

First Past The Post used to be even more widespread, but whilst many countries have abandoned it, none have adopted it.

Representatives can get elected on tiny amounts of public support as it does not matter by how much they win, only that they get more votes than other candidates.

First Past The Post is the second most widely used voting system in the world, after Party List Proportional Representation.

It is used across Africa in places that are, or once were, British colonies such as Kenya, Ghana and Uganda.

Small constituencies also lead to a proliferation of safe seats, where the same party is all but guaranteed re-election at each election.


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    Here are some recommendations to consider when implementing HIPAA regulations and requirements in your office and establishing your patient electronic communication protocol: HIPAA Standard164.312(d): Implement procedures to verify that persons or entities seeking access to e PHI are who they claim to be.

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