Single terbaru hijau daun 2014 - Single coil .5 ohm

Single coil .5 ohm
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you're basically gonna want two 1 ohm coils to get around .5 in a dual coil build.

wouldn't be a bad idea to shoot a little high in the ohm loads at first and then backpedal to where ya want. 26 gauge, 4 wraps around a 2.5mm something, 2 coils will have you at 0.5 ohms.

I did some research a little while ago and found out I got raped buying that G Plat.

It is some great wire, but I hate the company misrepresented it as being some big breakthrough. 24G kanthal, 6 coils, 2 strands, 4/5/4 wraps on a 2 ml screwdriver, .5 ohms.

On a buddy's recommendation, I'm hunting for a Plume Veil (4 post RDA) clone and I'll be pairing it with another i Stick 30W, primarily because I'm not feeling totally ready to make the jump to mech/hybrid mods yet, but I want an RDA on a power system I know and can work with.