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When performing a precise calculation, the opposite is shown to be the case: If a "warm" system is used made of engineering plastic, such as the Thermix® muntin bar, the increase in the Uw value is only in the hundredths.

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Sample calculation with a Thermix® muntin bar: Thermix® muntin bars are made of engineering plastic, whose thermal conductivity is around 700 times lower than aluminium.

This not only allows savings to be made in terms of heating costs, but also substantially reduces the risk of condensation and mould formation in the glass edge area of the bars due to increased surface temperatures.

The bar makes all the difference: Glazing bar windows can be classified in three common underlying types:• Structural bars: In this case, the window is actually made up of individual small insulating glazed units.

This has a negative impact on the thermal characteristics of the window, as the edge bond accounts for a higher proportion of the overall glass surface.

Decorative bars and muntin bars are significantly better here.