Mark driscoll dating sermon

Mark driscoll dating sermon
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He then starts to sink and drown, and he calls out for Jesus to save him.

This verse is Jesus’ response to him for doubting and also his response to all of us when we doubt Him as well.

Faith in God, however, brings hope, life, purpose and worthy goals into our lives.

The enemy wants us to live hopeless, fearful lives, but God came to give us (John ). Where God reigns, doubt disappears and faith rules.

Doubt and faith are opposite concepts, and they cannot co-exist in the Kingdom of God.

These opposites repel each other, and they should not be lived in tandem.

But then we also have times where doubt creeps in, and we cry out to the Lord to “help our unbelief.” The good news is that God answers prayer, and He wants us to have faith.