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En dating Gribskov
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Grim though the picture is in Denmark, all hope is not lost for the ash.

A tiny number of trees seem to be immune to the fungus — perhaps as few as 120 in the entire country, Mrs Olrik believes, although possibly more.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen are trying to find as many of the precious resistant trees as possible — likened to searching for needles in a haystack - in the hope that seeds and grafts can be gathered from them to produce nurseries of healthy stock.

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The forest of Gribskov is magnificent in autumn, its foliage a glorious tapestry of red, gold and yellow.

It is Denmark’s biggest, a former royal hunting ground north of Copenhagen full of squirrels, deer and birds.

A curious symptom is the hundreds of new twigs that sprout vertically from boughs.

Scientists think they are an attempt by the ash to produce healthy growth once the main body of the tree is infected.

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