Dating dk app Randers

Dating dk app Randers
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You may drive on your foreign driving licence in Denmark for one year from the date when you established usual residence in this country. that driver training there is comparable with Danish driver training.

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Persons who have no usual residence in Denmark may drive a motor vehicle in this country if they are in possession of one of the types of driving licences listed in section 116 (1) of the Executive Order on Driving Licences (kørekortbekendtgørelsen), including driving licences issued in an EU Member State or an EEA country.

The rules regarding driving in Denmark on a foreign driving licence are set out in sections 114-128 of the Executive Order on Driving Licences.

Furthermore, there are various rules for how long you can wait before exchanging your foreign driving licence for a Danish driving licence.

It depends on the country in which your driving licence has been issued.

If your driving licence, issued in an EU og EEA country, has a longer period of validity than 15 years for group 1 vehicles and 5 years for group 2 vehicles you are allowed to drive on your valid driving licence in Denmark until 2 years from til time the usual residence has been established in Denmark.